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Staffords Launderette Terms of Use

The following Terms of Use is a legal contract between an individual user and Staffords Launderette regarding the use of our website and launderette services.

Welcome to the website of Staffords Launderette. By accessing our site, you agree to these Terms and Conditions of Use and are bound by all applicable laws and regulations.


The site and its original content, features, and services are owned by Staffords Launderette and are protected by international copyright, trademark, intellectual property, and other proprietary rights laws.


If, for any reason, we believe that our Terms and Conditions have not been upheld, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate access to our website without prior notice or liability.

The use of our self service launderettes means that you agree to the following: 

Any destruction of our property caused by an individual on or surrounding our premises can and will result in prosecution.

We reserve the right to record video and audio in and surrounding the immediate vicinity of our premises

No individual nor group may use our stores for promotional, business, video nor photographic purposes unless contact has been made to our head office and permission has been granted.

We are not to be held responsible for theft nor any damage that has occurred within our stores

It is the customers responsibility to check the drum and soap hatches of the washing machine intended for use before washing. Any issues must be reported upon discovery. 

All items to be washed must be checked for coins, pens or any other objects that could cause blockage, or damage to the machines or items.

Children must always be accompanied by an adult and must not climb on any machines nor white boarding. Any child and accompanying adult found to be in violation of this can be asked to leave the premises at any time.  

Restaurants or individuals with oily cloths/rags must wash on a high temperature with bleach to prevent spontaneous combustion upon use of a dryer.


Any user found to leave a dryer unattended containing what we deem to be a fire risk, forfeit their right for compensation if the items are removed.

Upon an issue being reported, Staffords Launderette will store your data for contact purposes (please see our privacy policy statement).If after three attempts to contact you there is no response, we reserve the right to regard the issue as resolved.